STONED APE THEORY Poster(tangerine)

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Did you know that studies have shown that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms helps to stimulate the growth of new brain cells? Terence Mckenna certainly did, in fact in 1992 his book, Food of the Gods, proposed an idea that the regular intake of psychedelic mushrooms as part of early homonids scavenged diet could actually be responsible for the rapid evolution of the human mind as we know it. Known as the "Stoned Ape Theory", this controversial concept has lived on to captivate the imaginations of researchers, conciousness explorers and scientists alike. This poster aims to capture that powerful moment of first contact between mankind and the psychedelic unknown, in that colorful 1960’s poster style that we all know and love. So whether you’re a passionate believer in the theory or just respect it as an idea, no self-respecting psychonaut’s art collection is complete without this poster.


  • Available in classic red or Tangerine 
  • Available with a high quality matte finish
  • 20x30 in.