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Echo 3-99 

WRDN ID-DV892213

PL J2000 [argus system]

Latitude-90 longitude+2888

Center=unknown anticenter=unknown

Sol 125 10:33:06 PT 


Disappearance of the Ay-Lon Vallus

Entry 41

Draiden Malor


----SHHZZZZZTTT---- current link still unknown, but there's definitely more going on here, too many convenient conclusions. ------SHHZZZZTTT----Feels like i'm being lead on a fool's errand, keeping me distracted, selling me a narrative, every clue i get is just too clean and pretty, there’s something missing. If this really is uncharted space then how do they know where they’re going, always staying one step ahead me. But think i'm onto something, you remember that metal shard those colonists salvaged from the wreckage? Got it looked at, Zarconium isotope, that's right, what’s serious tech like that doin on a transport ship? i'm guessing whatever they were keeping in that hold it sure as hell wasn’t passengers. They were looking for something, The Astrada, the colonist, and tychon corp, they're all down playing this like nothing happened, there’s something out here they dont want the Confederation to know about. What’s more, those people back on hallathrax ain't just some normal settlers, they’re military, I know it when i see it and more and more seem to be arriving every dayl. There's a technician back on the station working on something called “Deep Wave infra-scanning”. Figure If anyones got answers on this “Zarconium”, more importantly what it’s being used for, it would be him. Its the best lead i got, only question is whether or not I can trust him.


The whole station’s on lockdown, got a bad feeling about this, don’t think Zallen and the rest of the station runners were too keen on me taking that sample to be analyzed. Not sticking around to find out. There's a service shaft below the halls, gonna try and make my way to the main hanger.


This is Solar Warden Draiden Malor reporting hostile action, need immediate technical override and support. My ship’s been destroyed on ignition, I suspect with the intention of me being in it, gotta love that remote start. For now i'm hunkered down in hanger bay D-9, im locked in but i don't think they know i'm still in here, gonna try to make my way to a lander, requesting manual over...opening airlock…SSSHHZZZZZTTTTT... REPEAT, MANUAL OVERRIDE REQUESTED, THIS IS AGENT DV89221...SSHHHHZZZZZTTT  NEED IMMEDIATE… SSHHHZZZTTT [signal lost]

                                                 ----END TRANSMISSION----

Printed on high quality poster paper the design is sharp and clean with stunning color and vibrancy. Wipe clean with a cloth. Ships rolled in a tube.